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Instantly want to generate a light of your favourite colour or want to give an ever changing ambience to your home,office,shop etc with touch- you have gCOLT now.

Want to control the lighting!

Light brings life to every aspect of your surrounding.It may add a sensuous feel to the simple room or make it look like a perfect place for spending time. Yet there are not many simple control systems over it. gCOLT (generating coloured light with touch) is one of the most easiest way of having complete control over your lighting space. Just by TOUCH you can change the colour of light, control its brightness and do many more smart things.All this with the energy saving LED lights

Some of the applications are key spaces at homes,offices,cove lighting,mood lighting,lighting for shops, restaurants & pubs. One can think of any space where he wants to easily change the light colour or wants to give the user of that space the power to generate a light of any colour

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